Thursday, August 26, 2010

BK Virus: 8.25 The Weather Turns

It was a relatively cool and definitely a rainy morning when I left the house for an early lab time and doctor's appointment at the Dallas Transplant clinic. Relatively cool means 72 rather than 85 at 7:30 in the morning. The first cold front of the season had finally broken through the long run of 100+ degree days.

The wind switched to the north early yesterday soon after I got home from my second infusion of Cidofovir. The morning in the hospital went quickly and smoothly and I was not experiencing any of the wrenching side effects from my last infusion. So the culprit was definitely the immuno-globulin, so if it's ever offered, watch out! (Although I don't think it has that effect on everyone.) I was extremely nervous about the infusion. My pulse was racing and my blood pressure was high all morning, but it came down quickly once I got home.

The early lab today was to monitor the effects of the drug on my kidney. (Remember that Cidofovir's primary side effect is its nephrotoxicity.) I received the lab results from both this morning and last Friday and the results from both were good. The creatinine was way down from 5.1 to 3.5 on Friday and it improved to 3.0 today. The hope is that the inflammation from the virus is going down allowing the kidney to function. The other possibility is that the kidney is recovering from the trauma of the immuno-globulin reaction. The family logic is "both." Whatever. It's going down and I'm feeling better. 'Nuff said.

I mentioned to Dr. Nesser that "it's ironic to be so happy about a 3.0, when just a few weeks ago we were so alarmed I was in the hospital the next day to check it out!"  He just smiled and said, "It wasn't so good the other day, but it's pretty good today."  Hmm. I guess the meaning's always in the vectors.

Even bigger news was the progress against the BK Virus, the number of copies of the virus cells was way down. From 54,500 (from a plasma sample taken just before the LAST infusion) to 3,150 (from a sample taken just before the infusion yesterday.) So that's huge! The difference is mainly due to the Cidofovir infusion. It's definitely working.

 So unless I start showing really bad symptoms I'll go a couple of weeks without seeing a doctor. Another infusion is scheduled in two weeks with labs and a doctor's visit the following morning.

On the third front, I'm still somewhat anemic, but the numbers are getting better as well. Insurance finally approved the Procrit injections, but I'm feeling OK, so we decided to see if I continue to improve without incurring the expense. 

And with that I ventured home through the cool, cloudy August morning, had some breakfast and a nice morning nap!

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  1. Hey, Dave. Tried calling yesterday, no one home and didn't leave a message. Malouf's Southlake is helping out with a PKD fundraiser Carolyn Hobbs is hosting Saturday night in Southlake. I'll be there Saturday night, too.