Monday, June 17, 2013

Spring Post in Early Summer

Well, it's been a while since the last post.


Work's been busy and connectivity has been lousy here at the house. A lot of complaining about the service provider, but it just turned out to be  a loose USB connector.

But my health has been good. I continue to feel strong and energetic. The only problem is that I continue to slowly add on weight. Combine that with lack of exercise and I'm just another damned couch potato.

My last check up was three months ago when I also endured another Glofil test. The results were great, showing improved kidney function over the last two appointments. In fact the creatine clearance was the lowest since before the onslaught of the BK Virus two years ago. I go back in the morning, I hope the results stay the same!

Best wishes to all those who find this blog. I hope that it is a helpful voice. It is gratifying to see the number of Google Searches for BK Virus, Fistula, Ankle Swelling, Adjusting to Dialysis and PKD that reach this blog. I wish that I could have a voice that had been through it when I was wading through those waters.