Thursday, September 9, 2010

BK Virus: 9.8 Treatment Continues

Another early morning rainy drive. This time through a heavy downpour as the remains of Hurricate Hermine pass through North Texas. As I'm about to turn towards the hospital parking, I remember that that's where I went yesterday for another infusion and today I'm going to the transplant clinic for followup.

Yesterday the Cidofovir infusion had gone smoothly with no incident and I was out by lunchtime. Today I found out some results, with more good news. The number of copies of the virus was down to 850! A considerable improvement from 3,150 two weeks ago and from the initial count of 497,000 back in June. The blood test is drawn BEFORE the infusion, so the number is the result of the last treatment. We'll know the effects of yesterday's treatment when blood is drawn before the next treatment in two weeks.

Everything else is stable. Creatinine was up a little at 3.3, but Dr. Nesser was not too concerned. Blood pressure is up, so he is restarting one of the blood pressure meds that had been put on hold. Hemoglobin and Red Blood cell numbers are both up. Still low, but improving, so the Procrit injection was put on hold again.

All in all a good day, with steady improvement in the fight against the virus. I was a surprised that the creatinine wasn't better. I've sure been feeling a lot better the last couple of weeks with a lot more energy.


  1. That's good news and we're glad to hear it, please keep us posted.

  2. I got here through Kamal who referred me to this. I am starting to deal with BK. Today happens to be my first anniversary of the transplant (my Mom donated). We saw 15 million copies of BK 1 month ago. Nothing in blood. However, traces of BK found in biopsy.

    We reduced MMF a bit and the doc is suggesting Cidofvir due to the fact that it actually was found in the kidney.

    Its quite scary.....just when u think things have settled down. Life constantly reminds us to take nothing for granted...

    Have read quite a few of your posts on BK..and will try to finish all of them.