Friday, August 13, 2010

BK Virus: Biopsy Two

The day went very smoothly once we got to the hospital. Check-in was smooth and easy and unlike last Friday which was a mob scene in the waiting room, today the room was virtually empty. Even nicer was the room which was opened to the north side of one of the older buildings, so the north light was filtered through large old live oak trees (and no direct sun!)

Dr. C monitored the biopsy which was nice. He's a good doctor who is willing to discuss every facet and listens to what the patient is saying. He performed some of my pre-transplant exams, post-transplant immediately after the transplant and I have seen him a couple of times for my routine check-up's as well. 

The biopsy nursing crew consisted of the same crew who was there last time. They take pride in what they do and I think they like to think of themselves as the "pros from Dover." It's a relaxed but professional environment. When I wanted to see the needle, they showed me the needle. When I wanted to see the tissue samples, they tried to show me the tissue samples. Unfortunately I couldn't raise my head high enough to see them, but the effort was made.

And then it was the mandantory six hours of bed rest. Timing was good, I caught the PGA championship. (The first biopsy was during the U.S. Open - nothing like a golf nap!)

Dr. C came by late in the afternoon. The cell-count was not back yet, nor were the results of the stains. We'll get that information Monday when I go back to the clinic. The samples had been examined under the microscope and the feeling is that although most of the inflammation is from the BK Virus, there could be an overlay of inflammation from a smoldering rejection. To combat that possibility, he prescribed an increased regimen of steroids over the weekend, going back to normal dosage on Monday.

So, the good news is that my body is not rejecting the kidney despite the drastic reductions in immuno-suppressants. The bad news is that the BKV is still wrecking havoc on the kidney. I expect we'll do another Cidofovir infusion in a couple of weeks, but predicting the future in this BK Battle has been pretty iffy.

But I'll take today's news. I was really nervous and upset going into the test after the disastrous reaction to last week's infusions. I think the frustration and depression came through in the last post.

4:20 finally came around and I was able to get up and out of bed. I got dressed and the nurse rolled me down to street.

And with that, Susan and I headed out for a plate of Nachos and a Margarita to start the weekend!


  1. Thanks for the news, Dave. We're thinking about you. xxoomm

  2. Glad the procedure went well, and I hope they can get the BK under control.