Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Transplant! (Almost)

It was an exciting 30 minute drive to Fort Worth. The surgeon had called me while I was on dialysis and said we had made the correct decision to accept the kidney. It was a terrific match and the big news was I was the primary recipient. He would visit more with me later in the day when we were checked in. We travelled light. We were told not to bring personal belongings as I would be changing rooms several times. We checked in through the emergency room, they were ready for us and it went quickly. I noticed another patient checking in for a kidney transplant and it was poignant moment. If the day went as planned, I would be receiving a kidney and she would be going home disappointed.

It was a busy day, as I was taken for X-rays and met with the anesthesiologist, the doctors would be doing followup, doctors who would be designing my cocktail of immuno-suppressants and assorted medications, the chaplain, the social workers and who knows else, all the while talking and texting about the news to family and friends.

Towards the end of the afternoon we met with the surgeon who explained the current situation. Evidently arrangements were still being made as to other recipients of organs from the donor. The donor's body was being kept alive on machines and when everybody was ready, the organs would be removed and transported to the recipients for immediate transplantation. The goal is to minimize the time the organs are not connected to living tissue. At this late point in the day, we were still several hours aways from surgery. He recommended getting started early the next morning so everyone would be fresh and rested. Who was I to disagree with that! So we spent the night in the hospital. The sofa converted into a bed, so Susan was able to sleep in relative comfort and would not have to drive to Dallas and back.

 Early surgery was set for Tuesday, October 28.

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