Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jump to October, 2008

Please forgive this two year jump in the timeline. Obviously dialysis was successful and there are more bumps of learning and adjustment to cover in the story. But by October, 2008, I had totally adjusted to life on dialysis. I was feeling so much better and more alive than I had been in the preceding years of trying to ignore Stage V Renal Failure. The improvement was dramatic.

October has always been a momentous month in my life. Both in Atlanta and in Dallas, it is when the heat finally abates, the weather shifts and summer is really over for another year. Days are either cool, rainy and meditative or sunny and glorious, with blue skies and brisk northern winds. The first of the month sees my birthday and in Dallas we get the great State Fair of Texas.

It was after my birthday last year that I fully realized what had happened when I started dialysis. The time that had been allocated to my life by my incurable Polycystic Kidney Disease had been 56 years.  According to the doctors, it was doubtful I would have seen New Year's Day, 2007. Without the miracle of technology, Susan would have been a widow and my sons without a father.

 I began to have a glimmer of the blessings I had received.

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