Tuesday, January 4, 2011

BK Virus: Won the Battle but Lost the War?

That's the way it looks after today's visit to the clinic.

It was a great holiday season. Business was good, days were busy, filled with visits from good customers stocking up for the holidays. At home, we had a gorgeous Christmas tree and Travis and his friends filled the house and kept things hopping! Family and friends overflowed into the back yard on a cold New Year's Day all eating chili, tamales and blackeyed peas to bring good luck to the new year.

I went into the clinic briefly a couple of weeks ago to provide samples for lab tests to monitor kidney function and went to Baylor yesterday for a serum test to measure the BK virus. Should have gone to Baylor last week, but late nights made for short mornings during the busy week. Timing was not critical, it just means that the results weren't back when I was at the clinic today.

However, results of the labs were not encouraging. Creatinine was 3.8 two weeks ago and 3.9 today. Clearance was 25% a month ago when the creatinine was 3.3, so clearance is approaching the 20% mark, when is when we can start the transplant process all over again. The suspicion is that the decline is due to scarring during the BK inflammation. It could be caused by low-grade rejection caused by the reduction in immuno-suppressants, but rejection is not thought to be likely. I'll go back in three weeks and they'll recheck the labs and then in all probability they'll do another biopsy of the kidney to confirm that the scarring is BK related, not rejection.

And then I guess I just wait for the kidney to gradually stop working.

Should have eaten more blackeyed peas.


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