Friday, December 10, 2010

BK Angst

Yeah, I felt pretty down in the dumps last week. My eye was screwed up, kidney function wasn't great. Emotional vectors were definitely pointing down. But I'm still getting up, going to work, laughing, scratching, and having a good time. And so is my friend and colleague Eric. Only he's got an inoperable tumor in his liver, the latest blow in his four year battle with colon cancer. He's the one with courage. "Back where I come from, we have men who are called heroes..."

Me, I'm doing OK. This week's labs show the creatinine's down a bit, so that's a good thing. The 24 hour urine test confirmed the results of the glofil test: kidney function's not great. I can feel it. I get tired more easily than I have in the last couple of years, but I just have to watch myself. The BK Virus can always flare up as can the iridocyclitis in my eye. They are now part of the background radiation of my life.

I asked if the kidney will possibly heal as time goes on without active inflammation from the BK Virus or the toxic effects of the Cidofovir but was not given much encouragement. Stability would be good, she said.

But I can hope; take care of the little kidney. Watch my blood pressure, try to limit caffeine and alcohol, and  hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

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