Thursday, November 18, 2010

Little Kidney: 1, BK Virus: 0

BK Virus: 0 copies in last two blood serum tests.

It looks like the antiviral forces of Cidofovir and Leflunomide have scored at least a temporary knock-out of the BK Virus. I don't know whether the BK can come back, I guess that's the next area of inquiry, but for now it's gone. The test was taken Tuesday before my last Cidofovir infusion. As of now, no more infusions are scheduled. For the time being I will stay on Leflunomide. My next appointment at the Clinic is in two weeks, so some of these questions should be answered at that time. As usual I didn't think of these questions while at the Clinic yesterday morning. (I never think of questions while I'm with doctors, they always come later, just like smart things to say in conversations at parties!")

The next step is to see if the kidney recovers from the ravages of the viral inflammation. Creatine was 3.5 yesterday, up from 3.1 a month ago. My blood pressure has been running high the last couple of months, that can't have been helping. I have new dosages of meds to control that problem. Remember that the main side effect of Cidofovir is its toxic effect on the kidney. I'm hoping that stopping the infusions will gradually allow the kidney to recover. Another topic to investigate.

But for now, I'll take a deep breath, smile and relax.

One more thing for which to be thankful next Thursday.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Congratulations! It's always good to have reasons to be thankful, at Thanksgiving or any time. Of course, good news for you is also good news for others who are on similar journeys. Many thanks.

  2. Susan's right: good news for you is reason for us to be thankful too. xxoomm