Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Transplant Convergence Continues

The January 2010 transplant continues as three people I have 'met' since beginning to blog on PKD are receiving living donor transplants this month. 

Sean Hoefling (Living with PKD) had his transplant early in January and is doing great and already going back to work. He's had some issues with Potassium levels but that seems to be working out. Diet is way less restrictive than with dialysis, but it is still very important. The thinking is, if it is difficult for the kidney to process or maintain proper levels, then help the kidney out by watching what you eat.

His brother Bruce (pkd sucks) is not having such an easy go. There were unusual complications with blood flow to the kidney which required a second surgery, a longer stay in ICU and now 'sleepy kidney syndrome'. He is producing urine, but they are waiting for the creatinine to start going down. Bruce just doesn't seem to go down the easiest path! Everything, from PKD to dialysis and now to transplant has been extremely difficult. As difficult as my path seemed, I almost feel guilty about how easy it was compared to what Bruce, Amy and their family has been through.

Neal Branson ("...in sickness and in health...") and Candy (his donor and co-worker) are in surgery this morning. A local news outlet did a great story which you can see here (Deputy's Kidney Fight). The surguries should be starting soon. 

These are all miracles of people donating living parts of their flesh, blood and bodies to give another the gift of life. Please keep them all in your prayers. 


  1. Thanks for your updates and you are so right about Bruce not taking the easy path. He was struggling with that when he was in ICU. It is hard to be positive when things seem so unfair but he has come around and was very brave to get through it. So amazing that we were all 3 blessed with donors at the same time.

  2. I've just spent the last few moments reading your blog. I wanted to let you know how much it means to me that you have been following what my wife and sister in law have been writing. This "adventure" has been so long and so trying at times. I still wake up at night thinking my dialysis port is in and wonder when it will all be over, then reality sets in and I still can't believe it IS over.

    This new kidney is the most amazing thing that I will ever receive, it has changed my life in so many ways. I am not sure why my transplant went so smoothly and Bruces has been so difficult. Thankfully it looks as if my brother Bruce's kidney is getting better every day. I will be so relieved once he is back at home with his family again. I know they miss him a lot.

    Thank you again for all that you have done. If there is anything we can ever do for you, let us know. I would love to meet you someday and thank you myself, so if you are ever going through Tennessee, let us know.