Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Sentimental Shot

We finally got new phones today and I now have a way to get images off my phone and into circulation. Which not only means we got 'smart' phones, but plonked down the bucks for data connection... 

So, this is a picture of my fistula in action for the last time during my last dialysis treatment the day before my transplant. It was taken around 7 am on a Monday morning. We had received the call about 4 hours earlier and had made the decision and wandered around the hospital in the wee hours before we finally found the outpatient lab for the final blood draws to confirm the match. 

I would have used the photo on the blog, if it had been available at the time. When I posted about my first dialysis treatments I had to google-search images to use as illustrations.

So, this is a sentimental photo and a sentimental post.

Things seem OK on the BKV front. Blood pressure seems to be more controlled now that the virus count is not so high. I'll get my new lower dose myfortic tabs Monday or Tuesday which will give me about a week at the full lower immuno-suppressant dosage before the next blood draw.

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