Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Back to Work

Sorry for the delay. That last week, the last month was way intense! And then it culminated in a cold and four weeks of upper respiratory crud which finally seems to be clearing after a couple of weeks of antibiotics and asthma inhalers. Yuck!

Great news for the Hoefling families. Bruce's donor is 'official' and transplant is in the works. His brother is now kidney free. When the damn polycystic things stop working, all they can do is cause pain, discomfort and misery. The only thing that made me happier than getting rid of that last basketball sized kidney was getting a new one, well, getting one that was previously owned, to use the current nomenclature.

My story will pick back up after that first day of dialysis two years and two weeks ago. As I recall, it involved a nurse, a needle and a fistula that didn't want to be found....

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