Thursday, September 17, 2009

PKD has a Much Darker Side...

As I've been recollecting thoughts and timelines working on my next post, I've been reading the blogs of other victims of PKD. I've posted a few links and urge you to check them out. Particularly pkd sucks. The blog is written by Amy Hoefling. Her husband Bruce is currently sedated to prevent seizures in an ICU in Florida. He is on dialysis and I believe both native kidneys have been removed. They have two young sons each of whom may have PKD. My struggle with PKD has been nothing compared with theirs. I almost feel guilty writing about my own experiences. Please check it out and keep them in your prayers.

I was first contacted by Amy while I was in the hospital getting my transplant. The first time I logged onto Facebook after coming home, I found her message. She had seen that I had PKD and asked how I was dealing with it. At that time Bruce was approaching the need for dialysis but was very resistant to the notion, just as I had been. She wanted to know how I had approached it and overcome the resistance. The difference between Bruce's path and mine is unimaginable.

Receiving a transplant has proved to be deep well of emotions and the plight of the Hoefling family is tragic and inextricably linked to my own transplant experience. They have been looking for transplant donors, though the immediate concern is Bruce's current health. Please read her story and keep them in your prayers.

Remember that kidney transplantation can be done before dialysis is necessary. While both procedures are expensive, the cost of 6-8 months of dialysis is the same as the cost of a tranplant. ORGAN DONATION SAVES LIVES!

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